The Royal Spy’s Redemption


Possessing priceless rubies gifted to the British royal family, MI5 agent Knox St. Germain stumbles into Gabby Sanchez’s store, bleeding from a gunshot wound. The stunning caterer has seen the danger to friends who discovered the jewels, but now she faces an even greater threat—the lethally sexy agent with a hidden motive.

Both hiding troubled pasts and feeling wary of relationships, fiery Gabby and roguish Knox develop a powerful attraction as they go on the run. Their adversary: someone who’ll murder—and worse—to get the rubies. And when the killer does, Knox must choose between saving the gems and his gem of a woman.

ON SALE 04/01/2016

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Welcome to February & thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone’s already into a good new year and getting excited for the holidays to come. I’ve already stocked up on my pink and red wrapped candy supply in prep for Valentine’s Day (and maybe a bottle or two of wine as well!)

I’m so excited to share my February release. It’s book 2 of this year’s Colton’s miniseries for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. There will be one book a month, all 12 months of 2016 about the Colton’s of Texas.

The Colton siblings have overcome an incredibly challenging childhood. Their father, notorious serial killer, Matthew Colton, was finally captured two decades ago, after his final crime was discovered – the murder of his wife, Saralee. Saralee’s body was discovered by their young son, Ethan.

COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR picks up twenty years later. The seven Colton children are all grown and all deal with the memories of their parents in different ways. While most were drawn to roles in law enforcement, Ethan’s always been different, his love for animals and the outdoors drawing him to ranching. Six months prior to the start of the book, Ethan was reacquainted with childhood friend, Lizzie Conner, and the two share a night of passion. When Lizzie shows back up in Ethan’s life six months later, she’s carrying a rather big surprise. She’s also running from a faceless threat that seems increasingly determined to make her baby his own.

I loved writing Ethan and Lizzie’s story. They are two damaged, yet hopeful souls who have an ages-long love and affection for each other. It was wonderful to watch them rediscover that, even while broader danger was hovering beneath the surface for them and the entire Colton family.

COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR is on sale now at all e-retailers and will be out in print on Tuesday, February 9th.

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I wish you a wonderful February, full of love, family and friends and a plenty of romance to keep you warm.

Happy Reading!