Silken Threats

Silken Threats_Cover

Everyone has secrets, and some will kill to keep them buried…

It started with a break-in. And though normally wedding dress designer Cassidy Tate could have handled it, having Tucker Buchanan’s strong arms, quick wits and great dog as backup was reassuring! The former army engineer turned architect was the perfect guy in an emergency—and the fact that he was willing to pick up the pieces was even more appealing.

Because it turned out it wasn’t a simple robbery. Someone was after something in the shop Cassidy and her fellow bridal boutique owners shared. Now Tucker didn’t want to let Cassidy out of his sight. But was that to protect her—or claim her for his own?

ON SALE 02/03/2015

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone’s ready and geared up for the holidays. I can already taste the Thanksgiving turkey and the holiday goodies that quickly follow!


I’m excited to share the news that the first book in my new series for Harlequin will be here soon. SILKEN THREATS (Harlequin Romantic Suspense, February 2015) is the first book in my Dangerous in Dallas series. The series revolves around three women who own a bridal boutique in Dallas’s Design District. Although they’ve been working hard and building their business, they’ve done it all without realizing there’s something rather intriguing buried in the floor.


Fortunately, they have some very sexy neighbors – ex-military men who own the architectural firm down the street – who come to their aide in uncovering the mystery of what’s buried in the shop.


I’m so excited to bring you the new series and hope you’re as intrigued by what’s beneath the surface at Elegance and Lace as you are by the sexy romances that come as a result.


TEMPTING TARGET will follow in July and RISKY BUSINESS will be in the later part of 2015.


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