How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing my entire life, but got really serious in the late 90s after a move to a new city. I got the idea I wanted to write a book and plugged away at it until I did!

That said, I often say I got truly serious about writing in 2002 when I joined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter. I wrote two books before joining RWA and then 8 more before selling in November of 2008.

What is your writing schedule?

While I’d like to say I write every day, my writing schedule is heavily dependent on how close to deadline I am. I still work a “day job” and there are some weeks where it’s just not possible to write daily. I do make sure I carve off some time over the weekend, especially if I have one of those challenging work weeks, so I can make sure I keep my work in progress moving forward.

What is your first published book?

My first published book – WARRIOR ASCENDED – came out in March 2010 from Signet Eclipse. It’s the launch of my Sons of the Zodiac series.

In addition to paranormal romance, I also write contemporary romance and romantic suspense. I love the expansiveness of the romance genre and all the varied love stories just waiting to be told!

What are you working on?

I am currently working on a contemporary trilogy for St. Martin’s Swerve, called The Brooklyn Brotherhood. The first book, AT LAST, was out in November 2016 and the second, JUST ONCE, will be out in February 2017. ONLY YOU will follow in the spring.

I also write romantic suspense for Harlequin and am excited to take part in the 2017 continuity, The Coltons of Shadow Creek. My story, COLD CASE COLTON, will be out in June 2017.

What is the proper order for the Sons of the Zodiac series? Which signs are the focus of each?

WARRIOR ASCENDED (March 2010) – Aries

WARRIOR AVENGED (September 2010) – Scorpio

WARRIOR BETRAYED (May 2011) – Taurus

WAVE OF MEMORIES (April 2012) – Aquarius [note: This will be an “e-special” from NAL]

WARRIOR ENCHANGED (May 2012) – Pisces

Although the books are all set in the same world, each book has been written so that the core love story does stand alone.